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2020 - 22

27 September 2022

Russia, Ukraine and Fake News

30 August 2022.

Links for Graham Roger’s session on: What_is_Altruism?

26 July 2022.

Links for Jocelyn Tracey’s session on: Assistive Technology & Advanced Wearables

29 June 2021.

Links for Leentje Thorpe’s session on: Tūwhitia te hopo, mairangatia te angitū! (Feel the fear and do it anyway)

25 May 2021.

Links for Gita Krenek’s session on: How the past affects the future

27 April 2021.

Links for Nigel Ritson’s session on: Climate change issues

30 March 2021.

Links for Helen Kingston’s session on: Language, connections, and being human

23 February 2021. 

Links for Piers Maclaren’s session on: Country Indices

26 January 2021.

Links for Richard English’s session on: Fake News

24 November 2020.

Links for Nigel Ritson’s session on: Plant breeding

27 October 2020.

Links for Helen Kingston’s session on: Humour

28 July 2020.

Links for Albie & Fill Burger’s session on:  International Aid TED talks

30 June 2020.

Richard English slides: NZ Cannabis Referendum slides

Various resources on cannabis: Information resources on cannabis

Report from the Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor:  https://www.pmcsa.ac.nz/topics/cannabis/

28 January 2020.

Jacqueline Rowarth: Genetic Literacy Project on GMO.

Barry Schuler on Genomics 101.

Juan Enriquez on The age of genetic wonder.

David R. Liu on Can we cure genetic diseases by rewriting DNA?


26 November 2019.

Lisa Dyson on reinventing how we grow food.

Kristie Ebi on climate change and nutrition.

Asmeret Asefaw Berhe on climate change and soil science.

29 October 2019.

Hilary Cottam on how to fix social services.

Dev Carey on doing dishes and bureaucracy.

27 August 2019.

Here’s a link to a number of interesting TED talks on feminism.

30 July 2019.

Sandrine Thuret (a neural stem cell researcher) studies the way adult brains create new nerve cells in the hippocampus — a brain area involved in memory and mood.

Susan Pinker (psychologist) reveals how in-person social interactions are not only necessary for human happiness but also could be a key to health and longevity.

Timothy Ihrig (palliative care physician) advocates for an approach to healthcare that prioritizes a patient’s personal values. 

25 June 2019. First up is the 16 year old Swedish Climate change activist with a wake-up call

Danish Architect Bjarke Ingels’ innovative and imaginative creative concepts

Michael Murphy’s work in third world countries

Gary Liu’s inside story of how the growth of internet use in China is changing society

28 May 2019. Would you like to learn more about CRISPR and Gene Drives? TED talk CRISPR followup

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